One step at a time… One more time.

Hi, I am Bruna! 😃 But you already know that, right? (Or not… 😕)

If you don't know me, maybe you want to take a look at Android Programming Tips and The day after Hello World first. 😉

This article is about the best part — The beginning of the Hands-On.
We already know the basics, so we can start working on our Android App.

Our application will have a main screen with a list of custom views (to create each item) and we are going to talk about a design pattern that could be used in this scenario.


Abrindo possibilidades de experimentação

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Olá! :)

Esse post é sobre uma história bem sucedida, e quem não gosta dessas histórias, não é mesmo? 😃

Ela começa com uma oportunidade identificada pela nossa área mobile: ter um aumento de tráfego no app e gerar uma experimentação do produto mais atrativa para o usuário.

Essa alternativa proveria a possibilidade de entrar no app como convidado, sem necessariamente passar pelo processo de assistente virtual, definição de perfil de investidor ou login/cadastro.

Mas como colocar essa ideia em prática? 🤔


So it begins…


If you read this, there is a big probability that you are one of us now! And… Sorry, but I have to warn you… You may face all the DEV stereotypes too! Welcome! Don't worry, we are all in this together.

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Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

This next part is totally necessary, and I'm about to tell you why.

As a developer, I faced many problems because I did the big steps first, and I know it sounds a little bit ridiculous, but when I say big, one example is that I started working on a project that I didn't even know how it was…

The Beginning for Everyone

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Hello! 😃
This is my first post here and i'd like to start from the most common question i get asked in my routine as an Android Developer:

- Bruna, how do I start programming an Android App?

I listened to this many times and as time passed, my answer changed a little bit when i talk about programming languages, but i always gather a list of considerations before getting to this point.

First: Do you have any proficiency at any Programming Language?

This is my starting point. Why? Look around! Technology surrounds us, and it brings increasingly more information about this world and more people get interested in starting…

Bruna Esteves

Android Developer @Empiricus

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